Winter Storm Izzy – My claim has not yet been paid

A winter storm in Eze was expected to dump up to 12 inches of snow over parts of Texas in late January. Most homeowners in the area heed the warnings and stocked up on necessities like bread, milk, and eggs. But for those of us whose homes have been damaged by high winds, rain, and sleet that come with a storm, our “bread, milk, and eggs” includes contractors, roofers, and insurance adjusters. And while many are still waiting for their claims to be paid, some have already given up hope. Our attorneys at The Voss Law Firm are experts in handling denied, delayed and paid insurance claims. If you’re still waiting to pay your claim, read on to find out what steps you can take to resolve your claim.

Winter Storm Izzy

Winter Storm Eze swept the south and caused widespread power outages, travel disruption, and property damage. Parts of major highways were closed, hundreds of thousands of people were without power, and thousands of flights were delayed or canceled at major airports across the region. Dubbed the Winter Storm Izzy by The Weather Channel, the storm unleashed snow, ice, wind and frigid temperatures in several states.

With temperatures dropping and freeze warnings issued across the state, Texans have been gathering and staying indoors to avoid the winter weather. However, even with the preparedness, the winter storm caused great damage. In the DFW region, there were reports of ice and sleet, while Houston experienced strong winds. Many people lost their energy during the sweltering temperatures, desperately waiting for it to turn back. These conditions can wreak havoc in homes and businesses, causing damage to roofs, windows, and vehicles.

Weather radar blocks high winds for the Houston area

Why didn’t the insurance settle my claim?

Local insurance agents have seen a huge increase in incoming claims since the winter storm in Eze. However, many people are still waiting to receive compensation from their insurance for damages to their homes and property. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, there are a few reasons insurance companies might try to avoid paying your claim. When insurance companies give you a spin, it can be a very frustrating process.

A man is frustrated with dealing with the insurance company, which made him flirt

How do I get a paid claim?

If you feel like you’re not getting anywhere with your insurance company, it may be time to get some help. An attorney with experience in insurance law will know how to handle claims that have been denied, delayed, or underpaid by the carrier. With the recent freeze and the events of the winter storm, many policyholders are finding that their insurance companies are not meeting their obligations. In some cases, carriers reject claims entirely, while in others they delay payment or offer only a fraction of what the claim is worth. An experienced attorney will know how to investigate the facts of a case and build a strong case for the full value of a claim. This way, policyholders can be sure that they get the full benefit of their insurance coverage.

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